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Suka Pacific is your trusted partner in Hawaii to get items unavailable at your location mailed to you quickly. WE SHIP TO MARSHALL ISLANDS! WE SHIP TO MICRONESIA!
Suka Pacific has access to part stores, we can help you get parts.
Are you locked down in RMI and can’t find replacement parts for your broken appliances?

Did you find it online, but the vendor won’t ship to your location? We can help you with that too.

Need something from Hawaii mailed to you?
Yes! If you are in Taiwan and need something from Hawaii or USA forwarded you or Documents handled for you we can help.


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Kuku Box $25 flate rate

save on shipping, if you have small sized packages 5 lbs or less, ask about piggy backing your package in a larger box for a flat rate of $25
Starts at $25

Pickup Pack Mail from Oahu,HI (PPM)

Starts at $35

up to 35 lbs of small items

Flat Rate $45

Air Freight

Starts at $75

Car Part Shipping

Important Note*

Prior to making your order, please contact us for time sensitive orders, dangerous goods, and large items over 65 lbs. Always notify us of your orders via email.

Based on 1 item/pkg picked up from 1 location. Clients are responsible for all delivery related and packing material cost.

Priority flat rate boxes are free, but when mailing zone 1 kotaan HAWAII and RMI – priority flat rate boxes are too expensive- so don’t use them unless you can max out the weight. Regular flat rate boxes are only good to use when shipping kotaan 96 zip codes(RMI or HI) to the mainland. Instead, when shipping kotaan HI-RMI, use Regional Rate Boxes(RRB) A or B. You have to go online and order at You can order boxes and other packing items all for FREE and have it delivered to you for free. Regional rate boxes cuts your flat rate shipping HI-RMI in less than half. Example RRB- B $8.07 vs. large Flat rate $21.10. If the RRB- A or B doesn’t fit, buy your own box for $2-$5, you’ll still spend less than the priority large “flat rate” box.


From small business owners and online shoppers in the RMI

I always order items from online but most of the items are not directly delivered to Majuro. How can you help me with this situation? Is it possible to ship those items to you then you mail them to me? How does it work?

Yes, Suka Pacific specializes in forwarding online orders to many countries outside of the U.S. *Have your package shipped to our address below:
Suka Pacific LLC
c/o Your Name
67-152 Kanoulu St
Waialua, HI 96791
Once you receive email confirmation from your vendor forward your invoice and P.O Box # to [email protected] to inform us of your order. We will need a copy of the invoice for customs purposes.
We charge USPS postage plus $25 to forward packages. Once we have your items, we will weigh to let you know the postage and send you payment instructions(B.O. Guam or Paypal)
So go ahead and make your online order.


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